About Event Creek LLC

Event Creek was created to solve a growing problem. As people become more familiar with and dependent on online services, there is a level of expectaction that grows along with it. They no longer wonder if something is available online, they expect it to be. Event planners who have depended for years on traditional ticketing options are finding themselves falling behind. They need an easy way to give their customers both information and the ability to purchase tickets online conveniently. We work every day to make that not only possible - easy and affordable as well.

We understand that when you are in charge of a community event or fundraiser, your options are controlled by your budget. We also know how hard it is to get the word out and make tickets accessible when costs are a major concern. Generally, the web development portion of your budget is limited to informational sites and marketing graphics. Full ticketing solutions are not usually in the scope of your budget. Event Creek makes creating your own customized ticketing site as easy as uploading your graphics and typing in your event details. From that point on you have tools available to add widgets to your facebook pages, website, partner sites, etc. to allow guests to purchase tickets from as many social paths as possible.

Additionaly, we understand that as the promoter of a larger event it is important to make getting tickets to your event as simple and convenient as you can to grow the largest possible crowd. We can help! We focus on making the process easy to understand for all users. We give you a variety of solutions so that you can pick the one that fits you best.